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Kidsports Programs

Our programs involve your child in a quality movement education class. Children are grouped according to age and development and taught by trained instructors. Includes fun musical themes, circle time, bubbles, free play, parachute, and songs all in our beautiful state of the art gym.

18 months to 4 years

Preschool Play (2 1/2 yrs – 4 yrs)

In this without parent class children will be learning to share, take turns and play with peers in a classroom setting. They will sing songs, play games and complete small crafts.

Mommy (or Daddy) & Me (Walking  – 2 yrs)

Parent/child class focusing on gross motor skills, flexibility, songs and finger play, attention and awareness with parent.

Tutus for Twos (Parent/Child 24 mos – 36 mos)

A wonderful world of imagination and ballet is created in this child/adult specially designed for the youngest dancer! This class creates a playful stress free atmosphere as young children and a loving adult develop awareness of their bodies, physical skills and creativity. You and your child should come in clothes you can move in.

Yoga by Myself (3 yrs – 5 yrs)

Yoga for your independent little one! We play games, sing rhymes, and exercise to explore the yogi in ourselves! This will help your relaxation, better awareness and self-expression. This is a drop off class, giving your child freedom and space. We will occasionally have time for parents to interact and practice!

Learning Made Fun (1 yrs – 3 yrs)

In this Parent/Child class a different theme will be explored each week. Themes include shapes, animals and seasons. Playtime, circle time, parachutes and crafts will make learning fun.

Story Time Yoga (1 1/2 yrs – 3yrs)

30 minute parent/child class that teaches yoga breaths, postures, simple flow routines and focuses on following directions. This interactive class will spend equal time on yoga and story time.  

Music & Fun (Parent/Child 1 yrs – 3yrs)

Parent/Child class filled with songs, movement and games. A different rhyming book will be presented and sung each week.

Early Bird Sports Club (2 1/2 yrs – 3 1/2 yrs)

A toddler class for child and parent.  This class introduces the very young and their parent to soccer, basketball and baseball.  The emphasis is on repetition of skills and cooperation.  All equipment is size appropriate.

Soccer Early Bird (2 1/2 yrs – 4yrs)

A toddler class for child & parent. This class introduces the very young & their parent to the sport of soccer, with a little more emphasis on repetition rather than on competitive play. 

Intro to Preschool (2 1/2 yrs – 3 yrs)

This without parent program is designed for your child to experience the magic of learning, cooperative play and social interaction with other children to help prepare them for their first preschool experience.  Circle time, group games, small craft and a story included. Previous experience in a parent/child class is required.

Ages 4 to 15 years

Intro to Tumbling (3 yrs – 5 yrs)

Children will learn how to stretch properly, develop strong muscles, flexibility and balance. Children will learn beginner tumbling skills such as forward rolls, handstands, bridges and cartwheels. Move and learn songs that are incorporated into this class along with fun obstacle courses that promote movement and coordination. Please wear comfortable clothing and tie long hair up.

Cheerleading / Tumbling: Levels 1 & 2 (6 yrs – 9 yrs)

Students will learn how to stretch properly, develop strong muscles, flexibility and balance. In Level 1 Students will learn to confidently preform short cheer routines and beginner tumbling skills such as forward rolls, handstands, bridges, and cartwheels. To enroll in Level 2 you will be required to preform a cartwheel and bridge. Level 2 will teach skills such as one-handed cartwheels front and back walk overs handsprings and more. Students will also learn short cheer routines. Please wear comfortable clothing and tie long hair up.

Cheer Dance (6 yrs – 9 yrs)

Students will learn how to stretch properly, develop strong muscles, flexibility and balance. Students will learn short cheer dance routines along with beginner cheer stunting and cheer motions.

Ballet / Tap Combo (4 – 5 yrs and 6 – 9 yrs)

Children will learn barre and floor combinations for both ballet and tap. Music and props will be used to create a fun filled experience

Beginner Ballet (4 yrs – 5 yrs)

This class will provide instruction on ballet body positions and steps. Focus will be on flexibility, coordination, balance and direction.

Yoga Kids (7 yrs – 12 yrs)

Your child will be encouraged to explore and discover their personal power through yoga. This will build confidence, body / mind awareness and create self-esteem.

Soccer Skills (4 yrs – 5 yrs)

Beginner – This class teaches youngsters the fundamentals of soccer. Essential skills as dribbling, passing and shooting are covered in instructional section. Practice/scrimmage time included.

Soccer Skills (6 yrs – 9 yrs)

Teaches youngsters the fundamentals of soccer. Essential skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting are covered in instructional section. Scrimmaging time for practice included.

Soccer Skills (8 yrs – 12 yrs)

Beginner class for the older child. This class teaches youngsters the fundamentals of soccer. Essential skills as dribbling, passing and shooting are covered in instructional section. Scrimmage time for practice included.

Sports Sampler (4 – 6 yrs and 7 – 12 yrs)

Children will develop skills such as passing, catching, hitting, kicking, jumping and throwing while learning to play basketball, football, soccer, hockey, tennis and more. Perfect for the beginner player that wants to experience it all.

Basketball 1 (4 yrs – 5 yrs)

We teach all the basic rules & skills. Kids learn to dribble, pass and shoot. Time allotted at the end for scrimmaging to put instruction to use.

Basketball 1 (6 yrs – 8 yrs)

For the older child just starting out. This class will teach Basketball fundamentals. Taught on regulation height baskets.

Basketball 2 (8 yrs – 12 yrs)

For the older child just starting out. This class will teach Basketball fundamentals. Taught on regulation height baskets.

Baseball / Softball Skills (6 yrs – 9 yrs)

Children learn the basic throwing, fielding and hitting techniques using indoor equipment. Drills to improve hand-eye coordination. Builds self confidence and is fun. Bring your own glove.

Fit Fun Kids (3 yrs – 5 yrs)

Using imagination while we dance, exercise, run and jump to upbeat music, your child will become more confident & healthy while having FUN!

Intro to Wallyball (8 yrs – 12 yrs)

Come learn how to play the exciting game of Wallyball. Wallyball is a fast, dynamic, exciting sport. Similar to volleyball except with the use of walls.

Junior Racquetball 1 (Beginner, 7 yrs – 11 yrs)

Learn to play racquetball in a fun atmosphere. This program will help develop hand/eye coordination, gross motor skills, and increase flexibility while having fun and burning energy. All court equipment is supplied including protective eye wear. Students are required to wear laced court sneakers.

Junior Racquetball 2 (Intermediate, 7 yrs – 15 yrs)

Sharpen your skills in racquetball. This class is for those who have taken Racquetball I, and have learned the basic skills and are ready to move to the next level. Note: Students must have taken Racquetball I and have been moved up by the instructor. If you are a new student, you may placed in this class after being evaluated by the instructor.

Junior Badminton 1 (Beginner, 7 yrs – 12 yrs)

Learn the basics of Badminton. This sport is fun, easy to learn and can be played anywhere. Equipment supplied, wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.

Junior Badminton 2 (Intermediate, 7 yrs – 12 yrs)

Sharpen your skills. This class is for those who have taken Junior badminton 1 and have been promoted to badminton 2. To be in this class you must know all the rules of badminton and to serve properly. New students can be placed in this class only after being evaluated by the teacher.

Confident Cardio Kids (6 yrs – 12 yrs)

This program is a cardio workout with strength and flexibility exercises for children who need time away from technology.

Family Fun Zumba (4 yrs – 15 yrs)

This class is designed to enhance and facilitate the caregiver/parent child bond through relationship based dances. This 45 minute class will feature age appropriate music and moves that will get everyone movin’ to the beat.

Zumba for Kids (5 yrs – 7 yrs and 8 yrs – 12 yrs)

Kids will dance to latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create an exciting and dynamic atmosphere. They’ll have so much fun, they won’t even know they are exercising!

Ages 4 to 13 years

Theater Arts (7 yrs – 13 yrs)

Theater Games and Improvisation: This fun and stimulating class will encompass various aspects of theater, which helps to train young actors in a wide variety of skills: stage presence, vocalization, movement, character development, improvisation and spontaneity. Students will engage in a variety of dramatic techniques, including diction, vocal work, movement, dance, word association and the ability to be spontaneous with a creative flow.

Storytellers Stage (5 yrs – 7 yrs)

Do you love to dress up and pretend? Do you love to sing, dance, and perform for family and friends? Then this class is for you! Come join us to create puppets, masks, and dress up to become your favorite characters and learn how to tell your favorite stories.

Musical Explorers (4 yrs – 7 yrs)

Come and join us for songs and games that challenge your child to listen and learn! We will use instruments and movement to learn songs, stories, and rhymes.

Broadway Drama (7 yrs – 13 yrs)

From Lion King to Grease; your child will experience a dramatic opportunity to let their own dramatic abilities come alive in a positive manner. In this class the kids will learn to use music, dance, rhythm, words and props to create a dramatic show. 

Ages 4 to 10 years

Krafty Kids (4 yrs – 8 yrs)

Is your child an artist? If they love to paint, color, glue and designing their own masterpieces, let them join us for an exciting class of inspiration and fun. New project every week.

Watercolor (6 yrs -12 yrs)

Children will create watercolor pictures by learning different watercolor techniques. Subject matter may include a floral bouquet, beach scene or underwater scene. 

Cartooning (4 yrs – 10 yrs)

Kids will have fun learning how to draw their favorite cartoon characters using colored pencils and markers. Your child will learn how to draw basic shapes and add lines to create an amazing variety of popular characters. 

The Drawing Club (4 yrs – 10 yrs)

This class will introduce your little one to the joy of drawing! Their drawings will be made easier using basic shapes and accents together with primary colors. One week they might draw an animal, another week it may be an insect. Every class they will look forward to creating another “masterpiece.” Children will work at their own pace.