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May 2019

My name is Kathleen McGill Hernandez and I have had both of my children go to Pre K-3 and Pre K-4 at Kidsports. I cannot speak highly enough about the school. It has been a place of growth and happiness for both of my children. My daughter Juliet started at the age of 3 in 2013. She attended for two years and now attends Mawbey Street School. My son Cole is currently enrolled and has attended since 2017, he will be attending Mawbey as well in the fall.

I am a teacher of 15 years in the NYC public school system, which has an ever changing and rigorous curriculum. Kidsports has matched that rigor and is comparable to that same system. I did months of research before enrolling my first child in the school. The reason I chose Kid Sports was firstly based on its academic rigor, secondly on the obvious knowledge of it’s amazing teachers and staff and finally on the accommodations that match no other school in the township. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. Kid Sports is slightly more costly than many of its peers in the township but for good reason.

My children are exceedingly more prepared for elementary school than other children that come out of the other Pre-K schools in the area. This is known among parents, teachers and administrators. Educators know that when they get a child from Kid Sports that child will perform, generally, better in Kindergarten than children coming from other programs. My daughter excelled in K, after Kid Sports and continues to exceed because of the great foundation that was laid there. She is in double Gifted and Talented and has a broad sense of learning all based on the love for education she attained at Kid Sports.

My son, as did my daughter, enjoys the amazing space and programs offered at Kid Sports and how they enrich the curriculum. The units of study that are prepared and executed by the teachers are in depth and attend to every type of learner. Besides the rigor in the classroom, there is an arts based learning approach that ties into the units and Pre-K curriculum that compare to no other school in the township. On top of that my children have enjoyed swim classes, outdoor playgrounds, Zumba and Spanish courses all within their school day. The curriculum and programs that encompass a student’s day at Kidsports are truly above par. In my tuition all supplies are included as well as before and after care. This has been an amazing thing for myself and numerous other working parents.

Most importantly, my children are loved, nurtured and safe at Kid Sports. In the years I have been there it has grown to feel like family. The staff and teachers know my kids inside and out and make my husband and I feel like when we leave our precious babies there we can walk away confident knowing that they are safe, cared for, understood and loved. That is a feeling that has no price tag.

With my deepest gratitude and confidence I would recommend Kid Sports at the Club at Woodbridge to any family in our beloved town.

Most Sincerely,
Kathleen McGill Hernandez

May 2019

Veronica, it was so nice to see you at this morning Mother’s Day breakfast. I am writing to share with you how happy my husband and I are with our experience so far with Miss Karen and Kidsports Academy. It all began last summer, when my husband and I started to look for a pre-school of our son Harry. Harry was already enrolled in the Kidsports Summer program for 3 weeks (where his swimming improved and he never was on Red). The first week I was told he was on green the whole week I was so proud of him. Our experience was top-notch with my husband being very impressed with the security in place. In today’s classroom, security is paramount to learning in addition to a caring positive educational environment. Miss Karen exemplifies all of the characteristics we could have hoped for as Harry’s pre-school teacher. She is so kind, sweet, gentle, and respectful.

I am often asked where we send Harry and am proud to tell everyone all about Kidsports and Miss Karen. Harry loves Miss Karen, often coming home from school and without prompting will tell us about his day. The Kidsports Program is wonderful, he has enjoyed his cooking and proud to share his homemade goodies! But the experience would not be the same without Miss Karen! She has made his last 8 months of school memorable with cooking, sports activities, new friendships, and of course coaching my husband and I on what we can do to help our son grow in his early education. At the beginning of the year, getting Harry to read with us was a struggle. Now he wants to read his Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Panda Bear and Polar Bear at night. More importantly, he will sometimes, without encouragement, read to his little sister Selena. This is all thanks to Miss Karen. I didn’t know what to expect from a one-on-one parent teacher conference, but was pleasantly surprised by how informative it was as a teaching moment for my husband and I. Miss Karen truly cares about her little students and it showed in this meeting. Not every pre-school has this as part of the educational process, this supports my recommendation of the program and Miss Karen.

I’ve already mentioned we tell everyone about where Harry attends, but this past weekend made all the difference, at a family event we met another Woodbridge Township family whose two children are older and both attended Kidsports Academy. When they found out Harry had Miss Karen their first response was, “We love Miss Karen and Miss Donna!, Tell them we said Hi!” I don’t know of a better way to show that Miss Karen along with the Kidsports Academy pre-school program is important and has a stellar reputation.

Please feel free to use this letter of recommendation in support of Miss Karen and the Kidsports Academy. My husband and I are very impressed with the educational curriculum in place and hope to bring Selena when she gets older.

Thank you again for taking the time to be a part of our son Harry’s pre-school learning experience.


Harry’s Mom and Dad
Michelle and Harry Chomko, Jr.

February 2018

Dear Ms. Karen, When Vihaan joined Kidsports Academy two years back, like every other parent we were not sure whether he is going to like his new school or not. We are glad to tell you that we have seen improvements in him every single week from the day he joined your class. There is a lot he has gained from discipline, self-confidence, team spirit along with good learnings. He loves and admires his school an teachers and considers it as a second home. Everyday he is motivated and elated to come to school to meet his extended family and do something new. Our sincere gratitude for your dedication and efforts and special thanks to Ms. Roseann and Ms. Ally for their care and support! We as parents are very much satisfied and assured that our child is in good and caring hands, and would highly recommend Kidsports Academy.

- Proud Parents

May 2016

Ms Karen is a wonderful and excellent teacher, my sons have learned so much and enjoy going to her class every day. She truly cares about each and every one of her kids. Ms Karen encourages their strengths and assists in developing their skills where needed. Ms. Karen does this in a way that does not make the child feel different or out of place. Her devotion not only to the school but kids in her class is wonderful.

- Lisa

August 2016

My son was a student there for a few years. First off, I would like to thank everyone for those years. He will be entering 4th grade now and he has achieved straight A’s in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and receives high marks on all standardized tests. He is also a teachers dream as he has never had to be disciplined once. I do credit a lot of his achievements to the Kidsports program / schooling giving him the strong early educational foundation. So with that said, our daughter Nina will be starting the 2-day-a-week program, in I believe, in Mrs. Dawna’s class - and we are excited for that!

- Jeff

May 19, 2011

Dear Ms. Dawna,

Here’s hoping you remember us, Joshua and his Mommy, Lysa. We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that he’s graduating kindergarten here in Texas on June 2nd. I wanted to thank you for helping lay his firm educational foundation. He excels in every task set before him and we have you to thank for that. He recycles with pleasure and encourages others to do the same and “save the earth.” This is also your handy work. We jus got the word that he got accepted into our district’s Gift and Talented program for 1st grade. Yeah!!!

He often pretends to be you, still his favorite teacher and teaches his little sister, Bella her alphabet and numbers.

We will never forget you and are forever grateful for you, Ms. Dawna. Our only regret is that Bella won’t have a chance to experience your wonder. Give our love to Ms. Ashley as well.

Thanks for being you,

Dr. & Mrs. Paz, Joshua and Bella

May 12, 2011

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to take a moment to recognize one of our unsung heroes. Ms. Karen has been my daughter, Katelyn’s, preschool teacher for the past 2 years and as a result of her caring and guidance she has grown by leaps and bounds. Katelyn’s birthday is later in the year making her younger than most of her classmates. I had some concerns as to how she would adjust and interact with the other children. Well shortly after joining Ms. Karen’s class any and all apprehensions I had eluded me. Ms. Karen’s professionalism, patience and caring nature are some of the reasons that Katelyn is thriving. Katelyn is entering Kindergarten next year and we needed to make a decision as to where she will be attending. We contemplated public and private school but once we realized Kidsports offered a Kindergarten program there was no reason to look elsewhere. Ms. Karen spoke highly of the program as well as the teacher, Ms. Michelle, and although that influenced our decision, the ultimate reason we enrolled her in the program is Ms. Karen. If the rest of the staff exhibits the qualities that Ms. Karen has shown I know my daughter is in good hands. I write this letter because I work in management and all too often we get negative feedback, yet the good is left by the waste side. I have a son who will be entering preschool when his sister starts first grade. I am looking forward to sending him to Ms. Karen’s class so that he may have the same positive experience that his sister had. In other words, I am planning on continuing my relationship with Kidsports for an additional four years and I recommend the program to everyone I come in contact with.


June 2011

Dear Ms. Dawna,

Thank you so much for caring for both my girls, Cynthia and Samantha. You have made a positive impact in their lives; especially through creativity.

The Martinez family

June 2011

Dear Ms. Dawna,

Thanks so much for being Sebastian’s teacher and guide through this past year. You’ll always have a special place in our hearts as his first teacher.


June 2011

Dear Ms. Dawna,

Hannah & her family want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for being so wonderful to her. Thanks again for singing to her.

Hannah & family

June 2011

Dear Ms. Karen,

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the tutelage and guidance you have provided over the last 2 years. Teachers are a crucial part in a child’s development and we are confident that the positive experience Katelyn has had will set her up for success. Working with children and doing it well are rare nowadays – you truly have a gift!

Figueredo family

June 2011

Dear Ms. Karen,

I wanted to thank you for these past 2 years! You are such an amazing teacher, always so caring and loving. I will miss you. But I am also looking forward to bringing Danny to your class soon. Please keep an eye on my Arianna. She loves you so much! Have a fun summer.

See you soon.

With love,

June 2008

I am writing to let you know about the wonderful experience my daughter, Bridget Van Velsor has had in Ms. Dawna and Ms. Karen’s preschool class this year.

We started at The Club as members of Weesports when Bridget was 18 months old and continued through Storytime, Rhymes and Games, then to Miss Andrea’s half day preschool and now full day preschool. We are sad to leave the Kidsports program but I know that Bridget has been fully prepared for the challenges of kindergarten in the Edison school system. We recently went for Bridget’s evaluation and even I was surprised how much she knew. After the evaluation was completed the teacher asked me what school Bridget had gone to because she had done so well compared to the other children she has seen.

I can not say enough about the job Ms. Dawna and Ms. Karen have don with Bridget this year. They always took time to listen to her, they had a clear interest in her success, they came up with imaginative programs to stimulate the children and had them create projects that went along with these programs. They are always available to talk to parents about their child’s progress or any concerns we may have.

I highly recommend the Kidsports Preschool program to any parent in the area and am looking forward to enrolling my son in two years.

Sincerely Yours,
Judith Van Velsor

June 2008

My daughter, Mayrim has been a student at your facility for the past two years and I would like to thank this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to your faculty.

Last year, Mayrim was a student in Ms. Dawna’s preschool classroom for two days. At first, I was apprehensive to leave her there as she is my only daughter, but once she began the program in November, Ms. Dawna and Ms. Karen took her in as if she had been there since September. I truly appreciate their accommodating her in the classroom and making her feel part of the family.

This year, Mayrim began Kindergarten with Ms. Michelle. I truly appreciate the fact that in Woodbridge Township, Kidsports has full day Kindergarten program. Ms. Michelle has been part of our family now for one year and we are extremely happy with what she has done in the academic part of my daughter’s life.

From your director, Ms. Phyllis, to staff, Ms. Hedy, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Diane, Ms Dawna and Ms. Karen including the after-care staff, we have nothing to say but praise. We have recommended your facility to everyone who we know has children 3 to 5 year old.

Speaking to other parents who have children in Kidsports Program, we all agree that we wish you would extend your programs to possibly fourth grade. This is just to show you how appreciative and thankful we are of your school and facility.

Raquel and Angel Cortes