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The Club at Woodbridge offers membership options for the entire family.

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Kidsports Academy

We have a state-certified program with an incredible facility. Come see us in action!

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See our fresh new look! We host Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, receptions and children's events.

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Les Mills Programs

Try an exciting Les Mills Body Training Systems group workout.

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Aqua Fit

High and low aqua aerobics with muscle toning and interval work. (Level: All)

Aqua Tone

A combination of low impact aerobic and muscle toning exercises set to fun energetic music. (Level: All)

Aqua Tone Express

Same great combination of low impact/high intensity cardio and toning exercises set to music without stress on the joint. (Level: All)

Ballroom Dance I

This class is specifically for beginners and advanced beginners. Learn the basics and more intricated patterns of the popular Ballromm dances of today. *Note: you must complete two 10-week sessions (20 weeks) of Ballroom I before moving on to Ballroom II with instructor approval. Registration required. (Level: Beginner & Adv.Beginner)

Body Combat

The Workout with Punch! A high-energy cardiovascular training class that combines moves from a wide range of martial arts disciplines. Body Combat allows you to punch and kick your way to increased fitness levels. This class improves fat burning potential, muscle coordination, strength, flexibility and agility. Body Combat is suitable for anyone who wants a challenging and athletic class. (Level: All)

Body Step

A step class with all the muscle but without the dance. (Level: All)

Boot Camp

Challenge yourself, burn calories quickly and tone every muscle group in your body.  Class trains indoors at The Club and outdoors at various locations.  (Level:All)

Dance Fit

Enjoy this fun cardio class packed with easy to follow steps and dance moves. (Level: All)

Dancing Like the Stars - The Workout

Get all the benefits of an aerobic dance workout while learning the basic steps and techniques to all the popular Ballroom Dances. No partner necessary. Break a sweat & have fun. Focus on dances like Cha Cha, Swing, Waltz, Salsa, Merenque, Samba, Rumba, Nightclub 2-step plus more! Registration required. (Level: All)

Fusion Fit

This ever changing workout is a calorie burner. Using a blend of strength, cardio and core. (Level: All)


Drum your way to leaner physique all the while rocking out to your favorite music. (Level: All)


The “all in one body shock” is a plateau proof workout combining cardio and strength for the ultimate calorie and fat burning results. (Level: All)

Sports Circuit

This class consists of resistance training, cardiovascular work and sports specific drills. (Level: All)

Strong By Zumba

High intensity Boot Camp style class that syncs music to movements. (Level: All)


This class fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away! (Level: All)

Zumba Tone

All the fun and easy to follow steps of the latin inspired dance workout combined with sculpting moves using light resistance. (Level: All)